Beautiful Ukraine Woman – Slavonic Beauty and Style

For quite a long time Ukraine was under the government of the ex-Soviet Union. After the changes of the beginning of the 90’s the country is speeding up in all areas of the economy and fashion is no exception.

Ukraine woman are stylish and impressive ladies. They have an eye to detail and always pay attention to the latest fashion trends. What makes them so chic?

Buying clothes from local designers is becoming more and more popular among the Ukrainian celebrities. There are campaigns such as “Buy Ukrainian” which were created to support the fashion industry. The women often prefer the local brands because the fabrics used are the same as the ones used by the big world-known brands, but the prices are not that high.

People are very sensitive towards prices and local companies know this. They are well aware that they can not create special fabrics for their fashion lines but no matter of this the quality of their production is very high. Ukraine woman know this, they are smart customers and always compare not only the price but also consider the quality of the products they select. Being beautiful sometimes is a state of mind and self-esteem and that explains why these ladies prefer to spend money for local brand with unique appearance than store clothes from last year’s collections.

They are very creative combining various styles, expensive shoes and skirts are often topped with relatively old second hand shirts and blouses. Accessories play big role in the decoration of the clothes. Often family jewelries are given from mother to daughter or grandmother to grand-daughter. These traditions are transferred to clothes too. With a little work Ukraine women manage to change the old dress into fantastic modern apparels.

Hand made sweaters are very popular and many girls are taught to knit from early age. They enjoy this as it gives them freedom to make their own fashion solutions and these are competitive to many modern factory made pullovers.

It will not be surprising if you meet a woman and for New Year instead of a boring postcard you receive impressive hand made shawl. Be sure that she has enjoyed its making and has knit it with much love and attention to the right colors or stitch. Quite often hand made is not only a cheap solution for a present but it is also a sign that she feels that she wants to give something more special to you and to bear witness to the fact that she is having affection and you are playing major role in her life.

Local brands are becoming popular and as a result they are improving the quality of their production. Do not think that Ukrainian always means cheap or low cost. There are brands that are working hard to promote and position themselves in higher niches. Many of them beat the prices of big brands such as Miss Sixty or Mexx. Their lines are very comfortable because the situation in modern Ukraine requires comfort and functionality rather than haute couteur.

So if your beautiful Ukrainian woman gives you as a present something from a local brand, do not think that it is been cheap solution. Be sure that she has spent hours looking for the right size, color, line and money.

No matter what you get or what you decide to give, the secret of any beautiful Ukrainian woman is in the style itself rather than the brand.

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